I: In Gratitude.

Lord, you know needs of your Society.
You know our weaknesses,
yet you continue to fill our hearts with a desire greater than our capacities.

Each day you teach us the power of your grace,
The life of your Spirit at work in us.
For only in you,
and by your grace alone can we be
Servants of your Kingdom.

II For Companionship in Discernment and Mission

Since you first called Ignatius and his companions,
You have never failed to sustain us.

Lord, inspire new hearts with that same desire to find you and serve you

In this Society of friends and disciples (that – deleted) you have gathered in mission.

Grant us the grace to accompany them with the gift of discernment.

Grant us the wisdom and generosity to walk with them

– Until they can recognise your voice among the many voices that call to them;

– Until they, too, can experience their hearts filled with love of you and of your Church;

– Until they, too, can feel the urgency of the Kingdom and the needs of our world,

– Until they know with joy that you have called them to share in the mystery of your own life and mission to the glory of the Father.

III. Renewal of life and witness.

Lord, let our lives together
be a witness,
in deeds and words,
integrity and faith,
in the freedom to leaving everything
in the joy of following you.

Lord, give us the grace to be apostles of your Love,
of Healing and Reconciliation,
of Justice and Mercy;
of serving you in all who cry out in their pain and in their need.
to be caring servants of all that you have created.

Lord, let us always be attuned to the Holy Spirit,
who leads us into ever-greater love of you, working in all things,
to the glory of God, the Father. Amen