Pray with the slides:

Pray with the text:

Eternal Lord of all things, you chose Ignatius to gather companions into your service and to be called by your name.

You opened their hearts to the power of your Holy Spirit so that they could serve your Church and bring the consolations of your healing and redemptive love to all men and women.

You called them to follow you in poverty and humility under the banner of the Cross with unwavering faith and a generous heart whatever the cost.

You have never ceased to provide for your Society and to open ever new roads in your service.

Lord, we pray that you will continue to call men to serve you in this Society.

Grant us the grace to accompany them with the gift of discernment.

Grant us that discreet charity that we may know how to propose this way to them not only in words, but by the integrity and joy of our lives, and the presence of the Holy Spirit in our mission.

Grant us the openness and generosity to welcome them into our communities,
that they may know that you truly are in our midst,
that we are your friends gathered,
ready to be sent where ever and whenever you choose to call us.

Above all, let us show in our lives and in our work that this is a sure path to you, in loving service of your Church and the world.