Lord Jesus, in the Spiritual Exercises you put before Ignatius and his companions a way of following you. Today, you also put this way before us.

Through the Holy Spirit, you have gathered us from every nation to be your servants and friends under the standard of your Kingdom.

We thank for bestowing on us the gift of our vocation to your Society; for sustaining it with your love and grace in its mission of service for the Church and for the world.

Lord, you have taught us to look on our world with the new eyes of your mercy and compassion; to hear the cry of our world in its need. To see the poor who must walk abandoned and alone; the young who have no one to accompany them, for whom the future is filled with uncertainty and despair. You have shown the suffering of the whole community of life when we fail to care for our common home.

Out of your abundant love and generosity continue to inspire men to follow you in this Society which bears your name.

You know how much we need you to call new friends to your side, to be our companions in mission as you continually open new paths for us and call us to deeper service. As we set out again to respond to your call, we ask you to renew your Spirit in our lives.

We ask you to call new members to our Society who are filled with a desire to know you and show others a path to you .

Grant us the grace to discern the ways in which you are leading them.

To accompany them with our prayers until they can find you and have joy in your service.

Show us how to create new opportunities for them to encounter you in our communities and in our apostolates.

Give us the graces we need, that our lives may be a light, a sure sign to them that in your service and in your presence is lasting consolation, joy, freedom and unending love.